I have some exciting shows coming up this month.  I am maintaining this schedule while striking balance in my home and being the best father I can be to my young son.  Peace Love and Laughs y’all.  Lessss get it!

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About me

Kubari Eady Is A Stand Up Comedian, Actor, Singer, Human, Professional Black Guy

I was born in San Diego, California in the late 70’s.  My childhood was spent between San Diego and Japan where my Dad served in the Navy.  We moved a lot and I changed schools alot. We had it down so well that my bros and I learned how to change our own schools; independent kids.  We would just enroll ourselves right into the school of our choice
I was your class clown type.  Here is a direct quote from my report cards “Kubari feels the need to entertain everyone.”  One teacher, (Ms Thornton) even asked me, “What are you going to do Kubari, entertain everyone for the rest of your life?”  Well hmm?...
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Mesa, AZ USA